The Tradition journal is pleased to send readers the supplementary article by Peter Stockinger. As you will know, in Issue 4 Peter made a tremendous translation of On Comets by Rensberger (one of a series of his translations); Peter’s article elaborates on that text. We assumed that you would rather not wait for the next issue!

Supplementary article:

The Tradition PDF and EPUB files where updated to include the new article, and those who already acquired the journal will receive an email with the update. (If you don’t receive this email in the next 24h, please contact us!)

The editors

Two new texts have been uploaded to the Library:  Lilly’s work on the eruption of Mount Etna from his Merlinus Anglicus of 1670, and his rendition of Cardan’s work of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions from Merlinus Anglicus of 1680. Both have been transcribed by Peter Stockinger.

We have been continuing this transcription process for two reasons: to raise money for animal welfare and rescue, and to save astrologers from having to go through the same amount of work that we have in order to find these gems. This assumes that there are astrologers or researchers out there who are interested in this material.

The internet can never be more than ‘virtual’, meaning that these texts could disappear from your screens at any given moment. If it were me, I’d be downloading every word I could get my sticky fingers on!

Best wishes

Sue Ward

The 4th edition of The Tradition journal is now available, just click on the link. It includes articles by Peter Stockinger, Christopher Magnus, Martien Hermes and Sue Ward – just click on the link for more information:

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As a FREE extra, we are giving the first copies of The Life of William Lilly student in astrology written by William Lilly and edited by Sue Ward. This has been transcribed from the autograph by Sue Ward with explanations, biographies and nativities, with an additional article. It’s great value for money and will cost 5 euros alone from The Tradition Library.

The Tradition journal has a cover price of 5 euros which is your donation to animal welfare and rescue organisations. Please give generously and have a good read at the same time!

This will be the last edition in its present format for a while, so make the most of it.


We announce the launching of The Tradition Library, a project intended to provide a central point of reference for astrological texts.
Its virtual shelves will gradually be filled with transcriptions of original texts, previously untranslated works, historical charts and data drawn from manuscript sources, factual presentations based on these, commentaries, and other items of interest to astrologers.


To see if there’s anything of interest to you, go to

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The Autumn 2009 issue of The Tradition journal is now available!

As usual, the journal offers a wide-range of content for all tastes:

Monster of Ingratitude
The infamous contention between William Lilly and John Gadbury, by Peter Stockinger and Sue Ward

The Firing Squad Technique
Helena Avelar discusses the use of traditional Predictive Techniques

Astrology in Roger Bacon’s Work
Jérôme Libon explores the life and astrological work of this famous English philosopher

By the Book – Ali ben Ragel Talks about Sex
By Helena Avelar

The Animodar Effect
João Ventura presents the first results of the Animodar Project

Signatures – As Above so Below: Mars
Oscar Hofman continues to explore the universe of planetary correspondences

Facing Eclipses
A short study on the use of zodiacal Faces for eclipse interpretations by Luís Ribeiro

For Posterity – Peter Creutzer
A presentation of the work of this lesser known author of the Art, by Peter Stockinger

Nicolaus Rensberger’s Judgement of Temperament
Another valuable contribution for the study of the temperament technique, by Peter Stockinger

You can obtain this latest edition, plus the earlier editions at As always, all proceeds go to animal welfare charities.


The Tradition journal and the Academy of Astrology is now conducting a survey to discover which system of terms is favoured by practitioners. You can participate by following this link:

We have also available for download a Comparative Table of Terms:

Don’t forget to download your FREE copy of The Tradition NEWS for updates, the results of the House System Poll and comments on the Vernal Ingress. Click here!


Dear friends,

The Tradition NEWS is an occasional update on the proceedings of The Tradition journal proper. It is free of charge and enables us to bring information to you that would otherwise have to wait for the next issue of the journal. This time we bring you the results of the House System Poll. Please download you copy here!

We hope you enjoy it!

The editors,
Helena Avelar, Luís Ribeiro and Sue Ward

To quote from the first issue of The Tradition journal:

The purpose of this regular feature is to highlight and examine some of the fallacious arguments used to support certain astrological practices. This is done not to criticise, but to demonstrate that they are modern constructs having little to do with the Western Tradition. What has become known as Modern astrology dominates the field, as does the promotion of its methods which has led to a great deal of confusion, not to mention heated argument, about the Western Predictive Tradition. With the growing popularity of the Tradition, there has been an amount of mixing of the two systems which has led to a ‘blurring’ of the boundaries. It is hoped that this series of articles will help to correct these misunderstandings and clearly define and distinguish one from the other system.

In the first issue we dealt with the houses and in the second the accusation that Traditional astrology is fatalistic or, deterministic. We would very much like to hear your opinions about this regular column; perhaps there is a subject that you would like to see addressed, if so please let us know in this web log. Should there be a number of suggestions, we will take a vote to choose the topic for the next issue. So, please let’s hear your views.

The Tradition and the Academy of Astrology have been promoting a global poll concerning the house systems and their use in astrology. The purpose of this project is to find out which house system is preferred by students and practitioners of astrology, and what the decisive factors were in making that choice. As the results will be published in the autumn edition of the journal, we are now beginning the countdown to closing the poll. We need as many participants as possible to obtain a good perspective on this matter. If you haven’t contributed yet, please fill the on-line form at:

Our other research project is the Animodar Project, which intends to gather data to test the validity of the traditional rectification method of the Animodar. This method relates the degree position of the ruler of the syzygy prior to birth to the degree position of the ASC or MC at birth. In the preliminary studies of the data that so many of you have generously provided, we have found interesting and perhaps unexpected results – all will be revealed soon! Once more we are now at the countdown for the final collection of data and urge you to participate in anyway you can – as this is a statistical study, more data means better results.

We are also testing the Trutine of Hermes, which relates the position of the ASC at birth to the position of the Moon at the moment of conception. Unfortunately, data regarding the length of gestation is rare. If you have this information about yourselves, your children or relatives, we would appreciate your contribution.

The Animodar Project form, which includes the Trutine of Hermes, can be found at:

The results of the Animodar Project will be shared with the readers of the next issue of The Tradition, and the results of the House System Poll will be published on the web log as well.

Originally, we were going to produce the journal free of charge. After some discussion it didn’t seem to be such a good idea, because in our materialistic world few things are respected which don’t have a monetary value.

However, we didn’t want to take any money for ourselves because this actually seemed to devalue the project because we all feel strongly about the Divine nature of the Art. It seemed to us a good compromise to set a nominal cover price of 5 euros and to give all profits to a charity.

We would very much appreciate hearing your views on this decision. For example, do you think that the cover price is fair? Do you think that we shouldn’t have charged anything at all? Do you think that we should charge more? Do you think that the journal offers value for money?

Animodar project
House Poll

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