The Tradition journal is exclusively dedicated to the research and application of western traditional astrology. It is aimed at those who are committed to the serious study of astrology and who will enjoy its high standards and properly referenced articles from practitioners and teachers of the Tradition. By western traditional astrology we refer to all the astrological practices from the Hellenistic period (which can also include references to Babylonian practices) to the 17th century.

Its goals are:

* to assist with the recovery and reassembly of the scattered resources of the Tradition, in order to create a deeper understanding of the astrological system as a whole;
* to create a platform for the publication of research articles on the Tradition;
* to give an opportunity to authors and researchers in this area to publish their material without the restrictions of wider ranging publications;
* to encourage research and study into the Tradition;
* to serve as a primary point of reference for those interested in the Tradition.


* Helena Avelar
* Luís Ribeiro
* Sue Ward