The 4th edition of The Tradition journal is now available, just click on the link. It includes articles by Peter Stockinger, Christopher Magnus, Martien Hermes and Sue Ward – just click on the link for more information:

This time the journal will be available as a PDF file and also as a EPUB file (ebook) compatible with a number of ebook readers like iPad/iPhone iBooks and Stanza.

As a FREE extra, we are giving the first copies of The Life of William Lilly student in astrology written by William Lilly and edited by Sue Ward. This has been transcribed from the autograph by Sue Ward with explanations, biographies and nativities, with an additional article. It’s great value for money and will cost 5 euros alone from The Tradition Library.

The Tradition journal has a cover price of 5 euros which is your donation to animal welfare and rescue organisations. Please give generously and have a good read at the same time!

This will be the last edition in its present format for a while, so make the most of it.