The Tradition and the Academy of Astrology have been promoting a global poll concerning the house systems and their use in astrology. The purpose of this project is to find out which house system is preferred by students and practitioners of astrology, and what the decisive factors were in making that choice. As the results will be published in the autumn edition of the journal, we are now beginning the countdown to closing the poll. We need as many participants as possible to obtain a good perspective on this matter. If you haven’t contributed yet, please fill the on-line form at:

Our other research project is the Animodar Project, which intends to gather data to test the validity of the traditional rectification method of the Animodar. This method relates the degree position of the ruler of the syzygy prior to birth to the degree position of the ASC or MC at birth. In the preliminary studies of the data that so many of you have generously provided, we have found interesting and perhaps unexpected results – all will be revealed soon! Once more we are now at the countdown for the final collection of data and urge you to participate in anyway you can – as this is a statistical study, more data means better results.

We are also testing the Trutine of Hermes, which relates the position of the ASC at birth to the position of the Moon at the moment of conception. Unfortunately, data regarding the length of gestation is rare. If you have this information about yourselves, your children or relatives, we would appreciate your contribution.

The Animodar Project form, which includes the Trutine of Hermes, can be found at:

The results of the Animodar Project will be shared with the readers of the next issue of The Tradition, and the results of the House System Poll will be published on the web log as well.