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The Autumn 2009 issue of The Tradition journal is now available!

As usual, the journal offers a wide-range of content for all tastes:

Monster of Ingratitude
The infamous contention between William Lilly and John Gadbury, by Peter Stockinger and Sue Ward

The Firing Squad Technique
Helena Avelar discusses the use of traditional Predictive Techniques

Astrology in Roger Bacon’s Work
Jérôme Libon explores the life and astrological work of this famous English philosopher

By the Book – Ali ben Ragel Talks about Sex
By Helena Avelar

The Animodar Effect
João Ventura presents the first results of the Animodar Project

Signatures – As Above so Below: Mars
Oscar Hofman continues to explore the universe of planetary correspondences

Facing Eclipses
A short study on the use of zodiacal Faces for eclipse interpretations by Luís Ribeiro

For Posterity – Peter Creutzer
A presentation of the work of this lesser known author of the Art, by Peter Stockinger

Nicolaus Rensberger’s Judgement of Temperament
Another valuable contribution for the study of the temperament technique, by Peter Stockinger

You can obtain this latest edition, plus the earlier editions at http://www.thetraditionjournal.com. As always, all proceeds go to animal welfare charities.